Update from David: I'm graduating!

After graduating high school, I earned my BFA and MA at Chapman University in Orange, CA. I began working at Chapman full-time at Chapman in 2005 and served there for almost 12 years. Before resigning, I was Chapman's as Assistant Vice President of Web and Digital Media and I had an incredible team of 14 talented individuals. Together, we accomplished a lot.

Overhaul of Chapman's website

The creation of lots of supporting sites for Chapman

  • Anaconda Wire Site - https://anacondawiresite.com/
  • SMC Knowledge Base - https://kb-smc.chapman.edu/
  • Chapman 50 - http://chapman50.org/
  • Cirque Symposium - http://cirquesymposium.com/
  • Global Arts Festival - http://www.globalartschapmanu.com/#decoding-shostakovich
  • The Hilbert Museum - http://www.hilbertmuseum.com/#california-art
  • Blogs - blogs.chapman.edu
  • AICCU - www.aiccu.edu
  • Huell Howser Archives - huellhowserarchives.com
  • Neighbors of Chapman - https://neighborsofchapman.com/
  • Social - social.chapman.edu
  • Inside - inside.chapman.edu
  • Events - events.chapman.edu
  • Chapman Broadcast Network (Digital Signage) - signage.chapman.edu
  • CU Economic Forecast - http://www.chapman.edu/economic-forecast/
  • Discover Chapman - http://www.chapman.edu/discover/

We organically grew Chapman's social media accounts by leaps and bounds, and we experimented with new types of content like VR, AR, and live streaming social video. Together, we earned more than 100 marketing awards, and I am so proud of the great work that our team accomplished for Chapman. Team, I'll continue to watch your successes from afar!

As much as I love Chapman University, I'm proud to say I'm growing up - I'm finally leaving college!

In early December, I started a new position at Milken Community School in the Bel-Air area of Los Angeles, and I serve on their new Marketing team. I'm already amazed by the kindness of the community, the incredible caliber of the faculty and staff, and the talent and brilliance of the students. I am truly honored and humbled to be part of this tremendous team and this amazing community.

In my first two weeks at Milken, I've already seen two of their alumni named as Forbes' 30 under 30 and learned about a student working in Milken's Guerin Institute. In this FAB LAB, the student is using 3d printing and laser cutting to make her very own musical instrument.

I look forward to #20Gr18 - I'm sure more excitement is to come.

#20Gr18 Live Stream

David May