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Pogona Creative:

Modern marketing by
David May

Pogona Creative is a digital marketing and video production company based in Los Angeles, CA, and owned by David and Adrianna May.

David May is an energetic and experienced marketing and communications expert with an emphasis in online strategies and implementations. David is also an accomplished filmmaker who has screened films at over 100 film festivals, won major awards like best of fest, and appeared on the Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett FOX Reality television show called "On the Lot."


Video and Film Production

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What's a Pogona?

Our mascot, the alpha pogona.

Our mascot, the alpha pogona.


Pogona Creative's mascot is a real life dragon. A bearded dragon, or pogona vitticeps, to be exact. 

Dragons traditionally symbolize strong and advantageous powers, particularly control over natural elements. Dragons are also symbols of strength and fortune for those who are worthy.

Are you worthy of the dragon?