Film editing / internet marketing intern needed

Zach and Adam in front of dreamworks

Zach and Adam in front of dreamworks

Pogona Creative is seeking a student intern to support accomplished filmmakers Zach Lipovsky and Adam Stein with their internet marketing efforts.

What would I be doing?

You would be helping Zach and Adam with the ‘behind the scenes’ components of their new feature film, and leveraging the content that you create for marketing purposes.  This includes editing footage provided by the filmmakers, showing them proofs, and then uploading approved videos to the YouTube channel.  It also may include management of social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

What skills do I need?

You’ve got to be a talented and fast editor who is able to take video files from ‘the cloud’ and assemble them into awesome YouTube videos. You've also got to have an eye for what people are likely to share online.  It's a bonus if you know about social media marketing and YouTube channel optimization already, but if you don't, Pogona Creative will train you.

What tools do I need?

  • You'll need your favorite editing system, and your beloved personal computer.
  • A really awesome-creative mind.

Where would I be working from?

That’s the best part! You’d be able to complete your tasks from the comfort of your own home.  You’d check in with a Pogona Creative representative once per week to evaluate your progress, and we’d be able to do that at a place of your convenience (say, a coffee shop, for example).

There may be a few occasions where you’d need to drive up to LA and work with the filmmakers directly, but we’d arrange it in a way that is convenient on your class schedule.

What would I learn?

The weekly meetings with Pogona Creative won’t just be to check the progress of your work, but also to provide training on things like YouTube SEO, internet marketing best practices, and other things like that.  You’ll also have real, hands-on experience doing ‘behind the scenes’ footage editing and internet marketing for a feature film.  After the internship is over, you’ll have demonstrated professional experience in internet marketing, and I hear the CEO of Pogona Creative writes an awesome letter of recommendation.

What am I waiting for?

I have no idea!  If you are interested, please contact

Responsibilities and Duties (in the boring format):

  • Edit footage provided by the clients
  • Upload approved, completed videos to the official YouTube channel
  • Optimize the YouTube text fields for search engines (YouTube SEO)
  • Manage other social networks that are defined by the client (Facebook or Twitter, for example)
  • Work with a Pogona Creative representative on an editorial calendar for launching YouTube videos