Social Media in Real Estate Case Study: Regal Realty

At the beginning of 2014, Regal Realty had 11 Twitter followers and 10 Facebook fans.  Pogona Creative, helped Regal Realty reach 72 Twitter followers (organic) and 292 Facebook fans in just six months.

How was this achieved?

The twitter followers were obtained organically by engaging the Twitter-sphere through existing real estate and San Diego CA hashtags.  Posting relevant, meaningful content located on Regal Realty's website resulted in new followers, retweets of content, and inclusion in 'top story of the day' blog posts from other Twitter users.

It became apparent that the majority of engagement on twitter was between other Real Estate professionals.  As a result, the content of these posts began to cater to this audience, and Twitter became a vehicle to recruit or engage potential future Regal Realty agents.

Facebook was a better platform by which Regal Realty could reach potential buyers.  While organic engagement was easier on twitter, Facebook 'boosted posts' and ads were very successful for Regal Realty.  After ads were created, the performance was monitored and evaluated.  Future ads were created, or existing ads were adjusted based on their performance.

Some of the most popular posts on the Regal Realty Facebook page were listings of actual homes.  The top-two Regal Realty posts reached approximately 6,000 people combined, and resulted in approximately 400 actions (link clicks, likes, shares, comments, etc.).

The death of Facebook's organic reach, as outlined brilliantly by Erin Ryan, effected Regal Realty's Facebook page.  Once a proper ad strategy was combined with the existing content marketing strategy, the Facebook page began to see expected growth relative to the overall budget of this project.

If you are just getting started with social media marketing and need advice or help regarding the management of your accounts, please contact us - we are here to help!