A #20Gr18 Hiccup


Roughly six months ago I made a video announcing #20gr18 - 18 great things coming in 2018. The list included my new job in Bel-Air, and excitement to create some new memories in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, many positions were recently eliminated as part of a reduction in force. As one of the newest additions to the team in a newly formed position, that included me.

I am thankful for the organization's reassurance that I was doing a great job, that the decision was strictly business, and that I am welcome to apply to future postings. Naturally, I am disappointed, but... business is business! I'm looking forward to sharing my skills with a new organization. If you are aware of any full-time or consulting opportunities, feel free to pass my resume along.

Some of you have asked: "how can I help?" Here are a few things that I would really appreciate:

I feel so lucky to have amazing friends and colleagues, and after I secure a new position, I'll be throwing a BBQ as a "thank you" for helping me.

Thank you for your support!

David Maylayoff