A #20Gr18 Hiccup


Roughly six months ago I made a video announcing #20gr18 - 18 great things coming in 2018. The list included my new job in Bel-Air, and excitement to create some new memories in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, many positions were recently eliminated as part of a reduction in force. As one of the newest additions to the team in a newly formed position, that included me.

I am thankful for the organization's reassurance that I was doing a great job, that the decision was strictly business, and that I am welcome to apply to future postings. Naturally, I am disappointed, but... business is business! I'm looking forward to sharing my skills with a new organization. If you are aware of any full-time or consulting opportunities, feel free to pass my resume along.

Some of you have asked: "how can I help?" Here are a few things that I would really appreciate:

I feel so lucky to have amazing friends and colleagues, and after I secure a new position, I'll be throwing a BBQ as a "thank you" for helping me.

Thank you for your support!

David May

Internet Marketing: David has enjoyed employment ever since he graduated from Chapman University as an undergraduate. He's got more than 8 years of marketing and 'sales' (Admission) in the education vertical and has managed Chapman's team of web gurus since the summer of 2011. He now serves as Chapman University's Director of Web and Interactive Marketing. So... we know what you are thinking - you don't want to hire someone with a day job. Well, get over it because that's how we can afford to keep our rates low. Video Production: David May's two short films have screened at over 100 film festivals. Both Fetch and Itsy Bitsy have won many awards including "best of fest." He has also had international syndication through his experience on the FOX Reality show "On the Lot" where he placed 12th out of 12,000 applicants. David has also directed/produced Marketing videos for Universities such as Chapman University and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and organizations such as WACAC.