Feature Film Scripts Available to Read

The narrative filmmaking section of www.pogonacreative.com is live.

Ideas are the currency of Hollywood, and as a result, most people keep their ideas secret until they can meet with a studio or an agent. The concept of the narrative filmmaking pages in the Pogona Creative website is just the opposite. David May and collaborators will be posting original content to the Pogona Creative website for free. Users will need to provide an email address to gain access to the content, but once inside, they will be able to read outlines, treatments, and feature-length scripts.

Here are a few examples of what is posted as of today:


Horror comedy: A small group of student sommeliers are invited to a mysterious vineyard for a private tasting. What they don't know, however, is that they were not invited to taste - they were invited to be tasted.

Rappaccini's Daughter

Charlie goes home to visit his parents only to find that their neighbor has a creepy house and an even creepier garden. Regardless, Charlie falls in love with the girl next door, but there's something unique about her. 


Father and son 'break the ice' while on their frozen adventure. Feature-length script based on the short film.


For more information, visit the narrative filmmaking section of Pogona Creative's website.

*If any feature length scripts are used for production or modification,
credit is due to the original authors. 

David May

Internet Marketing: David has enjoyed employment ever since he graduated from Chapman University as an undergraduate. He's got more than 8 years of marketing and 'sales' (Admission) in the education vertical and has managed Chapman's team of web gurus since the summer of 2011. He now serves as Chapman University's Director of Web and Interactive Marketing. So... we know what you are thinking - you don't want to hire someone with a day job. Well, get over it because that's how we can afford to keep our rates low. Video Production: David May's two short films have screened at over 100 film festivals. Both Fetch and Itsy Bitsy have won many awards including "best of fest." He has also had international syndication through his experience on the FOX Reality show "On the Lot" where he placed 12th out of 12,000 applicants. David has also directed/produced Marketing videos for Universities such as Chapman University and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and organizations such as WACAC.